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February is #YouShape month

#YouShape is a platform to empower young people to shape their Scouting experience.

Being Youth Shaped is all about young people and adults working in partnership together with both signing a pledge that they will:


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Did you know? – World Scout Jamboree’s

They take place every four years with participants coming from all over the world and aged between 14 and 18.

The 23rd and last World Scout Jamboree took place during the summer of 2015 and was held in Kirara-Hama, Yamaguchi City in Japan and was attended by over 33,000 Scouts and Adults.

The 24th and next World Scout Jamboree will take place during July and August 2019 and will be held in West Virginia, United States of America. However, uniquely, it is jointly being organised by the Scout Associations of the US, Canada and Mexico. Check the link below.

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