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There are a range of badges and awards available to young people in each of the Scout Sections. To know where the badges are placed, please see the links below for the section your child is in.

Activity badges

Many of the badges available are activity badges, which allow the Young People to show their progress in existing pursuits, but also to try all kinds of new things and form new interests.  There are link below to the full list of activity badges.

Challenge awards

Gaining a challenge badge involves accomplishing a number of more ambitious tasks within their section or community. There are several challenge badges across a number of themes, from the physical and outdoors to challenges dealing with the local community or issues connected with the Scouting world.

How Parents/carers can help

Due to the large number of Activity and Challenge Badges available and the time that it takes to work toward some of them, most of our Leader Teams plan to do 2-4 Activity Badges each year as part of the normal section night planning. In the main, planning is focused on working towards the Challenge badges, as the successful completion of these enables our young people to be awarded their Chief Scout Award for their section (Beavers = Bronze, Cubs = Silver, Scouts = Gold).

However, there is nothing stopping your young person working on an activity badge at home or school etc. In fact, some young people may already be participating in non-Scouting activities which are covered by one of the activity badges. An example could be being a member of a swimming club. Here they just need to show the trainer the requirements of the staged swimming badges and then work on these requirements. The trainer then can sign that the young person has met the requirements and provide the evidence. The Section Leader can then award this badge.

So this is where you can help us, by encouraging the young people to work on activity badges at home, school or clubs etc.





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