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The history of 3rd Aylesbury Scout Group has been, in the main, lost in the mist of time over the years.   What we do know is that it was formed from an amalgamation between, what was then, the 2nd Aylesbury and 6th Aylesbury Scout Groups.

According to Scout Headquarters, 2015 will see us celebrating 90 Years as a Scout Group.  90 Years of providing Scouting to how many young people over the years?……too many to count, but a wonderfully historic occasion for a party !!!.

Our full Group title is actually 3rd Aylesbury (38th Starrenburg) Scout Group.  Why the 38th Starrenburg, I hear you say?.   Well folklore tells us that our predecessors, sometime near the back end of the 20th Century, went on an International Scout Camp and whilst there,  met with fellow leaders from a Dutch Group from Rotterdam, the 38th Starrenburg and became great friends.  This friendship was further bonded with 3rd Aylesbury including the 38th Starrenburg Group name as part of it’s own.  This was approved by HQ and so the Group Name we have now was born.  We also adopted the star logo which is part of Starrenburgs uniform, and this can be seen on the back of our Group neckers.

Unfortunately those links with the Netherlands were lost as old and new came and went however, sometime in the early ‘noughties’ those links were reinstated which culminated in a Joint camp, in the Netherlands, in 2008.  Those links are still with us to this day, happily.


3rd Aylesbury is lucky enough to have it’s own building which was originally built, we are told, by the leaders and parents of the time over 50 years ago.  I’m not sure we could do that now with all the regulations that are required in this modern era.  What a great feat of perseverance though back then.

We are located on the Southcourt Estate and are proud to serve the local community.  However, in the early part of this century, new estates were popping up around Aylesbury a plenty!!.  One of these was Fairford Leys.  Of course, once we get the ‘sniff’ of potential new Scouts, the organisation went into overdrive to recruit these new budding leaders of the future.  But rather than create a completely new Scout Group, it was decided that 3rd Aylesbury would reach out and include our new neighbours into the 3rd’s family.  So that our new brothers and sisters didn’t have to travel far, we were very lucky to be able to gain use of the new School built to accomodate Fairford Leys – St Mary’s CofE School.

And so, uniquely, we are a Scout Group who meet in two different locations but remain one family.

Originally a Group with one Beaver, Cub and Scout section, we have seen rapid growth over the years and now boast two Beaver Colonies, two Cub Packs and two Scout Troops.  With over 150 members of the group, we are a strong and vibrant organisation.

However, being succesful does take a lot of hard work and effort, but here we are very lucky to have a very dedicated Leader Team, Adult helper team and Group Executive.  But more importantly, we are very lucky that we have Young Leaders in every section.  They are our future and do a fantastic job.  In fact, in the last six years, over five of our current assistant leaders and Section Assistants had started with the Group as Beaver Scouts and moved through all the sections.

For details of the sections, where they meet and timings, please go to the Meeting Times section